How to Roll Sushi

How to Roll Sushi

How to Roll Uramaki (Inside-Out) Roll

A uramaki, commonly known as the “inside-out” roll, is one of the most common sushi rolls in America. Many believe that its popularity comes from the fact that the rice on the outside conceals the nori, making it less intimidating to sushi beginners. While there are no traditional ingredients in a uramaki, one of the most well-known styles is the California roll, which usually consists of cucumber, avocado, and crab meat or imitation crab.

  • how to roll uramaki

  • 1.Lay a piece of plastic wrap on your cutting board. Place your bamboo mat on top of it.
  • using plastic wrap to roll uramaki
  • 2.Take the plastic wrap and wrap it around your mat.
  • how much rice to use for uramaki
  • 3.Place your nori on your mat with the shiny side up. Then add about a cup of balled up rice.
  • rolling uramaki with rice
  • 4.Spread the rice evenly across your nori leaving an inch border at the top.
  • sprinkling sesame seeds on uramaki
  • 5.Sprinkle sesame seeds over your rice.
  • turning over uramaki
  • 6.Gently lift your nori and rice and flip it over so that the rice is now facing the mat.
  • ingredients for uramaki
  • 7.Add your ingredients.
  • rolling uramaki with a bamboo mat
  • 8.Begin rolling with your fingers pinching the nori to the mat. You may also need to use your other fingers to keep your ingredients in place.
  • rolling tight uramaki
  • 9.Once you’ve begun rolling, pull back your mat and nori to make sure that your roll is tight.
  • how to roll tight uramaki
  • 10.Using your bamboo mat, squeeze your roll.
  • how to seal urakmaki
  • 11.Unroll your bamboo mat to dab some water onto the exposed edge of your nori.
  • finishing an uramaki roll
  • 12.Take your bamboo mat and begin rolling your sushi into the edge of the nori. Then take the mat and squeeze to make sure that the seams are tightly sealed.
  • cutting uramaki in half
  • 13.Using a wet, sharp knife, begin cutting into the center of your roll in order to make two halves.
  • how to cut uramaki
  • 14.Cut the halves into thirds, wiping off the knife between each cut.
  • how to slice uramaki
  • 15.Plate your sushi with a side of ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.

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